Saranguerel Tseelaajav was born under her grandmother’s yurt in Arkangaï, in the Tsetserlek region, renowned for its goat, yak and camel herding. Here, the tradition is that every nomadic child takes care of a small herd the number of which grows over the years. Symbiosis with nature is vital in the rough climate of the steppe, where the survival of the herders depends on wool, meat and on milk. In 2011, Saranguerel became a PhD student at the Sorbonne and mother of 2 children, Saranguerel-Clair de Lune is building, between France and Mongolia, a bridge to help the women of Ulan Bator. With her brand of the same name, Saranguerel, she intends to protect occupations, ancestral know-how and a truly endangered Mongolian heritage: the cashmere.