While Mongolia is the world’s top producer of cashmere, it occupies only the 4th place for finished products. Upon the arrival of the spring, the nomad knows that it's time to comb the invaluable down which will then be cleaned, sorted by color and woven. Saranguerel works with the remaining small-scale organic herds on the steppe. Nomads, too often forced to drift of their land to the yurt “shantytowns” of Ulan Bator suffer from the mechanization of textile factories which imply mass dismissals. Since 2012, Saranguerel proposes fair working conditions pay for a hundred women working in 4 knitting workshops and 3 small knitting/needlework studios for young moms working at home. The objective is to guarantee 300 long-lasting, qualified jobs in 2018 and a 100% ethical and fair luxury item that is both traditional and modern.